How to Have Your Offer Stand Out

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When it comes to marketing and branding, a lot of people think about colours, logos, and “vibes” first. As exciting as this is [trust me, I LOVE digging into these elements of every brand], all these elements need to be fundamentally grounded in three very specific questions in order for your offer to stand out in the crowd:

  1. What problem does your business solve?
  2. Who is the person your business serves?
  3. How do you solve their problem?

You need to be crystal clear when you define the answers to these questions. Most importantly, you have to use the exact language that your ideal customers would use. No fancy industry language. Simply, clear, and easy to understood vocabulary.

Fill in the blanks…

If you are feeling stuck coming up with the answers, try filling in these blanks:

I am _____________________________________[insert your genius zone], who helps ______________________________ [your ideal client] do/heal/build etc _______________________________ [the pain point they struggle with] so that ___________________________________ [they can achieve the thing they really desire].

When you are digging deeper, get really clear on what would happen if these people did NOT work with you…

  • Would they still be struggling with their finances?
  • Would they be heartbroken and unable to move on from a broken relationship?
  • Would they be lost in the kitchen and not eating nutritious meals?
  • Would they suffer from poor body image?
  • Would they feel regret over not giving birth to their big idea?

WHAT is their pain point that ONLY you can solve in a VERY SPECIFIC kind of way that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Who do you help, how do you help them and WHY are YOU the best person to help them?

Answer this big question:

What would not exist for them if it were not for you?

At this point it is really helpful to think of your favourite brands. What brands do you rely on to solve YOUR problems in unique ways? If your favourite brand disappeared overnight, how would you feel? Is there another brand you could lean on or would they be irreplaceable?

The goal is to be so remarkable and exceptional at what you do, that you are irreplaceable. If you were to disappear overnight, your absence would be felt *SO* deeply, that your perfect people would be BEGGING for you to return.

This is what you need to communicate intrinsically in your branding of your offer because it is your business DNA. It is the core of your profit generating empire, your dream builder, your contribution to the world. This is your WHY. You need to be so clear on it and ensure that every part of your brand reflects it, so that the messaging is consistent and your people know without ANY doubt, that you and your solution are the big answer to their big problem.

P.S Always remember, NOBODY is YOU and that is your (and your brands and your signature offer) superpower. Oh, and the best is yet to come!

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