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Certified business and life coach, host of worldwide retreats, proud mama to a daughter, human empowerment super fan and sunshine chaser. I thrive in building up humans, businesses and communities.

With almost a decade experience in global business consulting for companies at various stages of growth, from startups to seven figures and beyond, I decided to build a business with women at the core.  

After years of consulting for businesses around the world, I ditched the big players to help everyday women like you.

If you’re looking to clarify your strategy, structure and optimize your systems, and amplify you’re soul work, you’re in the right place. I promise to relentlessly support you making money online doing what you love so that you can live your version of an epic life. 

My clients have quit the cubicle, more than doubled their income, had sold out launches, grown into 5k, 10k+ months, all while honouring themselves and their feminine in the process of building their big dream. 


Slow mornings, travelling the world, fresh flowers, farmers markets, Netflix documentaries, and deep soul chats.

A look back on the past decade

Worked as a business consultant for the fastest growing franchise in North America managing a multi million dollar portfolio


Moved to Tokyo, Japan and started my own business consulting company. Decided to complete my Masters Degree. Spent the next four + years travelling the world working and living in places like Seoul, Berlin, Vanuatu, Hawaii, and more... all while working with incredible humans doing epic things. Got married (2015) and had a baby (2017). 


After completing a coaching certification the year before, was now running my own six figure business for everyday women looking to build a profitable business.  Full roster of clients with 1:1 as my focus.


Now married with a baby, we decided to move back to Canada and hit pause on the nomadic lifestyle. I got headhunted by a consulting company as the Senior Business Strategist to some of the biggest companies in Canada and took the job! After about a year, decided I wanted to ditch the big players and build a lifestyle business to spend more time with my daughter. I started on this path the summer of 2019 when I began a coaching certification with BYCA.


Scaling my business and certifying as a Feminine Embodiment Coach to weave the somatic support in with my business coaching and consulting work. An expanded product suite of 1:1 (with over 90-95% retention year after year), a signature group coaching program (Club Rise) and a self paced course (The Coach Sales System). Working 20 hours a week, coaching hundreds of people, and running a multi six figure business.

2022- 2023

big risk

doing work I love with people I love while having time for my family

Fusing my group coaching program and 1:1 coaching into an EPIC hybrid white glove mastermind that focuses on mama CEOs: The Mothered Business. 


meet your coach


Based in Western Canada, Robyn brings a proven process and a solid business background to the world of coaching.

Her coaching style is optimistic, joyful and focused on play and ease with consistent action. She has been called a “gentle powerhouse” because she gets things done without the fluff while still being connected to our inner knowing. 

She has a Masters Degree in International Relations with a focus on Female Economic Empowerment, which has inspired Robyn to support women in building economic mobility for themselves through soulful entrepreneurship. She has proudly partnered with organizations committed to economic mobility, such as UN Women, the EU and ILO on #flexforempowerment.

She has coached hundreds of humans and would be honoured if you're next. 

LOVES: popcorn + smarties, ginger kombucha, reading in the bath, lake swims, binging podcasts + PB toast. 




this guy is my king


a little (lot) obsessed with my daughter, isla rae (aged 6)


Enneagram 7 with wimg's 2 +3. Manifesting Generator,


i splurge on travel, skincare, and home decor. i prefer freshly squeezed oj over any other drink

All about

Slow mornings, Hawaii, hot water bottles, Greek food, fast wifi, freedom + really great chocolate.


Burnout, a messy desk, bad wine, my inbox, sleazy sales, small talk, the 9-5 grind, long commutes.

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business values

Belonging and Accessibility

We are committed to being a place where people are welcomed and celebrated for who they are and believe that diversity is our strength

We do not tolerate hate, violence, racism, censorship or cancel culture. We promote love, respect, connection, and critical thinking 

We believe that poverty exists and there is no shame in it. We offer scholarships and sliding scales to increase accessibility 

We believe that people and our planet matter more than profits, and that profits can (and should) be used to propel people and our planet forward. Money in the hands of kind people makes for a kinder world

We honour the sovereignty of all people and the pursuit of individual freedoms for a life of joy, vitality and meaning

let's amplify your soul's work 

Ready to build your profitable biz?

Growing up in a South African immigrant family that had little money, I know what it’s like to struggle and to think of dreams as out of reach. My 12 year old self could only dream of partnering with brands like Vogue, Versace, Brooks Brothers, UN Women, ILO, the EU and more. Yet, here we are. 

Whatever your dreams may be, I know they're possible for you too. It’s my mission to help you bring them and your online business to life.



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