An invitation to cultivate connection with your body's wisdom.

Embodiment Sessions

Embodiment sessions are somatic journeys that focus on remembrance within. They are designed to shift stuck energy, expand your nervous system capacity by cultivating safety, and release what no longer serves you. They are 45 minute experiences with drop in and closing bookends for a total of 60 minutes together. 

shift your good girl conditioning

and step into your feminine power as a sacred ceo experience

Embodiment Coaching is a body based journey into the depths of your innate wisdom.

new to embodiment coaching?

The mind can be elegant in its distractions, pulling us into a web of talking or thinking when our body is calling to us to tune in, dial down the external noise, and feel into what is true for us within. Many of my clients will express that the release, shifts and breakthroughs they experience in somatic sessions are some of the most powerful coaching experiences they have ever had. If you have never had an embodiment session, please know that your safety is always the centre of every experience and you will never be taken anywhere that feels unsafe. I believe your body always offers you what you need, and I fully trust that your experience will be exactly what you're asking for - even if you don't know *exactly* what that is quite yet.  

every somatic session is customized to you but if you're new to this experience here are some of the things we can work on with feminine embodiment coaching

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Somatic Sessions for Leaders and Visionaries

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This is especially helpful if you have experienced failures before (who hasn't?) and there's a part of you that freezes or runs away from aligned actions to move forward. Let's clear the energetic slate and shift those patterned beliefs that are not serving you. 

Releasing shame and trauma from previous experiences

Traditional goal setting doesn't work as well as embodied goal setting. When you have a clear vision you can confidently create the life, business and love (or anything) you're dreaming of. If you've reached "milestone achievements" but felt empty before, you will love that embodied goals don't leave you disappointed, dissatisfied or depleted. They are nourishing on all levels.

Embodied Goal Setting

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Remember who the fuck you are and the innate power you hold by simply being you and connecting with your wholeness. The conditioning, "should's" and beliefs of others don't hold a flame to the light within that is craving to break free. Goodbye to the good girl and hello to the power woman who holds her ground and knows she's deeply worthy and wholly, wonderfully made.

Shedding of the Good Girl conditioning that keeps you small and stuck

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The Feminine knows the power in her embodied magnetism. If you're yearning to tap into this to shatter internal ceilings around business growth, visibility and wealth creation, an embodiment session can support you.

Resonance, Magnetism and Wealth

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"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy"

- Friedrich Nietzsche

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