An invitation to cultivate connection with your body's wisdom.

Embodiment Sessions

Embodiment sessions are somatic journeys that focus on remembrance within. They are designed to shift stuck energy, expand your nervous system capacity by cultivating safety, and release what no longer serves you. They are 45 minute experiences with drop in and closing bookends for a total of 60 minutes together. 

shift your good girl conditioning

and step into your feminine power as a sacred ceo experience

Here are some examples of things clients bring to embodiment sessions

things we can work on

  • Releasing shame and trauma from previous experiences of business (especially a sense of failure or not being worthy)
  • Expanding safety in the body for nervous system regulation and support (expanding the edge of comfort for the enjoyment of MORE)
  • Embodied goal setting for clarity on a personal or professional vision
  • Shifting patterns that keep you stuck no matter how much mindset work you do or how much you journal 
  • Connecting with your full bodies yes or no for big decision making and boundaries
  • Liberating yourself from the clutches of an emotion, thought or belief that feels extremely loud and present for you 
  • Getting to the root of limiting beliefs so you can heal them at the source 
  • Cultivating more pleasure, joy and presence in your life and work 
  • Embodying magnetism for everything you desire in your life

“I didn't know what to expect going in to my first embodiment session but it was the most powerful coaching experience I have ever had and I can't wait for more.”

- Val

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