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Some of our most magical, life changing experiences have been in out-of-this-world beautiful destinations with friends that feel like family. 

We believe that when you hit the pause button on your everyday, your business, your career, your mama duties, you are able to shift something powerfully within. 

You see the world in a new way, you meet parts of yourself that have lingered in the shadows, you remember what it feels like to play without worry, and see yourself interconnect with nature, others, and the world around you. 

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Your trip of a lifetime begins now...

Reconnecting with yourself away from the noise and chaos of your everyday life

A supportive, intimate community that you can connect with 

Epic experiences like beach swims, cave exploring, sunset yoga, and more

Personalized coaching sessions with experienced coaches for healing, love, inspiration and growth

Waking up to the sounds of nature in a comfortable, luxurious setting

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"We had the best time. From the relationships we built, to the fun nights out, comfort zone stretching excursions, delicious food, and reflective workshops, I'll be taking more home from this trip than just memories. I feel ready to leap into my vision and make my dream life a reality." 

- sylvia, mexico

Our retreats are about remembering who you are, renewing the parts of you that are longing to be seen and felt, and inspiring you to once again fall in love with your work, your people, your life. 

the retreat where you renew

out of office...

Every retreat is bespoke and customized for the group. There are different themes and accommodation styles for each experience.


Breakfast and dinners are (usually) catered but for most retreats you're responsible for lunch. Our retreats are not alcohol free unless specified. 

MEALS + drinks

Outside of curated coaching workshops, expect excursions that induce laughter, soul food, creative flows, and embodied presence.


How it works

we operate from these pillars


As certified and experienced life coaches we infuse soul stirring workshops throughout our time and invite you to go deeper into your own heart, mind and body.


One of the most wonderful parts of our retreats are the relationships that are formed. We believe that connection with self, others, and nature is essential.


Laughter, vitality, nourishment, white space, creativity... these are the foundations of greatness. There's a LOT of play on our retreats. 

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Join us on one of our favourite islands, Crete, for six days in a secluded beachside village. Excursions include a day trip to Santorini. The focus for this retreat is the beach, casual drinks with live music, and exploring the intersection of old and new within ourselves.

upcoming trips:

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Join us for a six days in Canggu, Bali. Explore waterfalls, get pampered with massages and shop local markets. The focus of this retreat is truly rest and relaxation as we map out your creative, soul-full business strategy and systems. 

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Ready for a wild adventure? This is our most adventurous retreat featuring secluded beaches, mind blowing hikes, s'mores around a beach fire and dancing under the stars. Join us on the Big Island of Hawaii for a truly local, immersive experience with the focus on what it truly means to live life on your own terms. Mindset, inner work, limiting beliefs, and healing relationships with yourself and others is the name of the game this week. 

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Robyn's home for over four years, Tokyo is one of those cities that is truly one of a kind. This retreat is mostly city based, cuisine heavy, and programmed to the nines. There will be escapes into nature and the famous Japanese springs amongst the city lights, however. This is our most intimate retreat (4 guests max!) and the theme for the week is the compass - transitions, directions, decisions, risk, adventures, and growth.   

Wake up in a luxury home and participate in an optional group meditation before enjoying a breakfast buffet

Sit outside by the pool for a soul focused workshop

Break into small groups to do the workshop exercise while enjoying catered snacks

Get ready for an excursion to a secluded beach for a lunch picnic, followed by cave exploration with a local guide

Free time to stay at the beach, explore the local town or relax by the pool at our luxury accommodation

Enjoy a group dinner at a local restaurant by the sea with live music and dancing

Here's an example itinerary from our Hawaii retreat:

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Lina is a certified life coach, mama, and immigrant. She was born and raised in Colombia before moving to New York City and then Toronto, Canada where she currently lives. Fluent in English and Spanish, Lina brings her warmth, joie de vivre, diverse wisdom and laid back energy (that makes everyone instantly feel safe and at home) to our retreats. 

Robyn is a certified life coach and business strategist with a decades worth of experience helping entrepreneurs create profitable businesses and their version of a rich life. She is also a mama, was born in South Africa and has lived, worked and travelled all over the world including places like Japan, Hawaii, Korea, Greece, Italy and Canada where she currently lives with her family. She brings her extensive travel experience and love for community building to our retreats.

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we are here to guide you home to yourself while having a ton of fun somewhere beautiful

A few years ago we met in the corporate cubicle and decided we wanted more for our lives and more for YOUR life too. 

As moms, we both know all too well the difficulty of that hard-to-find-balance between personal and professional pursuits. Not only have we identified the gaps and barriers for women in their economic participation, we have experienced them firsthand. After working independently with hundreds of women, we have partnered to curate a hub for women everywhere to come for economic inspiration, liberation, tangible tools, and friendship. We have witnessed the power of spending time connecting with sisterhood, in beautiful parts of the world, and reclaiming who you are and what you want for your life.

Curating beautiful experiences that inspire more for you is our WHY. 

we believe that women can have it all, and we don't need to create that for ourselves on our own. 

Picture yourself with new BFF's somewhere beautiful

and falling in love with your life and work 

"I will definitely recommend this retreat to any friend who is building their brand or business..."

… we were welcomed by margaritas and food in my dream home. The activities were so much fun - we explored our creativity, adventured everywhere, and reflected on business, mindset and unconscious thoughts. There was a variety of delicious food for everyone [I am a vegetarian]. I will definitely recommend this to any friend who is building their brand or business.”

it's your turn!

Laura Vanegas 

"I am so happy I gave myself the opportunity to attend this wonderful retreat. It felt amazing to deeply connect with other women but more importantly to reconnect with myself.

It was truly magical to spend a week growing both personally and professionally in paradise. I really liked the workshops and how safe the environment felt. There was no pressure to share or feelings of judgement. It was the perfect balance between activities, learning, road trips, beach time, group exercises, food etc.”

Sharon krongh 

"There is no doubt that I will come to their retreat again!

This experience has been a great, wonderful, rewarding, comforting and 100% enriching experience. Throughout the week we shared our experiences, enjoyed mind blowing excursions and explored the island. I had the opportunity to rest and enjoy a VERY varied and healthy menu. To top it off, they had a private chef and the property was top of the line luxury. There is no doubt that I will come to their retreats again.” 

Myriam Ortegon 


“i had the best time of my life. i can't thank you enough!”

- nina, canada

if contiki and coaching had a love child, that would be our retreats

We are NOT your typical wellness retreat. We are unapologetically FUN, adventurous, and dare we say "balanced". We are equally found opening our hearts and deep in conversation during an inner circle share as we are dancing under the stars enjoying our favourite cocktail. You can find us sailing to secluded islands while brainstorming a six figure business strategy. We may be getting ready to shop local markets while also Facetiming our (fur) children at home.

We believe we get to have it, and be it, ALL.
You can't quite put us in a box and we prefer it that way.

However, examples of some of the workshops include: defining core values, looking at beliefs that run your life, leaning into parts of your life or work that feel stuck / stagnant and breathing new life into them, honestly reflecting on your relationship with yourself and others and where you want to expand, heal, explore and redefine. Business specific retreats will be heavily focused on building out the strategy and vision for your business with Robyn.  Our firm belief is that play and white space are integral to integration, growth and joy. Being immersed in nature and playing is a key element of every retreat. We don't believe in over-programming and we do believe in white space, sovereignty, and a healthy dose of spontaneity. 

Still not sure exactly what to expect? The mystery is part of the fun. We believe that every experience takes a life of its own depending on who is part of the circle and where it takes place.

welcome to your Out of Office adventure ...

We are one of a kind because...

We only host retreats in places we know intimately so we can show guests the "local" side of the destination

Every retreat has its own vibe and focus. We don't over-program our retreats because we know that the magic happens in white space, rest, curiosity, inner and outer exploration and going with the flow. 

However, we do integrate structure and proven workshops to ensure that you are being held in a space that can deeply serve you and meet you wherever you are when you join us. 

Previous guests have been entrepreneurs, mamas, 20 somethings - 50 somethings, creatives, coaches, and more. 

Three reasons we love an immersive retreat: 

01 Learning together is a powerful way to reconnect with your inner knowing.

02 A dedicated week to build your life, relationship and work in an aligned way - away from all the distractions - is a sacred commitment to yourself.

03 Connections made during this week cultivate an intimate community beyond our time together for extra support and accountability.

peek this video from a previous retreat

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step one: join the waitlist

step two: apply when invites are emailed

step three: join the pre-party 

step four: arrive and enjoy

Pursue the dream on your vision board

Meet new people and form lasting friendships

Experience internal breakthroughs

Travel somewhere new and experience the place with intention and ease

Feel deep embodied joy, laughter, love, and connection 

Trust yourself and come home to your inner alignment

Join us if you want this to be the year that you *finally*:

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This      for you if:

you want to travel to a beautiful destination and are open minded and hearted

you don't like to travel or are close minded to new experiences

you are ready to immerse yourself in your inner and outer world

you just want to party and avoid the inner work 

you enjoy being part of a group and contributing to the collective experience

It's probably        for you if...

you prefer to be a lone wolf (introverts, we aren't looking at you! there's a lot of space for you on our retreats!) 



Payment Plan

4 x personal development workshops

1 personal coaching session on site

Epic excursions to play in nature

Accommodation, breakfast + dinner included

custom payment plans

One Payment 

4 x personal development workshops

1 personal coaching session on site

Epic excursions to play in nature

Accommodation, breakfast + dinner included

starts at $2500+

best value!

most flexible!

1 follow up coaching session after the retreat

1 follow up coaching session after the retreat 

join the waitlist to be eligible for up to $500 savings

Plus extra surprise bonuses!

As a commitment to our values of inclusion and accessibility, there are scholarships, sliding scale options and custom payments plans available. please reach out for more information.
all prices are in usd.


Goodie bag of gifts

Every retreat guest will receive an incredible goodie bag of locally sourced gifts that pertain to our experience together. Some examples from a previous retreat include: a journal, a luxurious eye mask, essential oils, a sustainable bag for the beach and shopping local markets, snacks, and local souvenirs. 



reconnect with yourself


connect with others and the world around you


revel in white space, creativity, laughter, vitality and play

When are specific dates released for upcoming retreats and how do I apply?

To join us on one of our retreats, please sign up to the waitlist. When dates are confirmed, you will be the FIRST to hear from us that the retreat is happening and all the program specifics. If you'd like to apply, you can do so then. All retreats are by application only to ensure supportive group dynamics. If you are selected, you will be notified with a request to secure your spot with a deposit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get as part of this experience?

Every retreat is bespoke which means that no two experiences will ever be alike. Having said that, there are similarities such as: coaching sessions (group and private), workshops, wellness integrations (meditation, movement, etc) and there are always adventures. For most retreats the group size is similar (less than 10) with breakfast and dinner included. Please join the waitlist to receive specific details for the retreat you're interested in. You can also send us an email with any questions:

Where do I see how much the retreat costs?

Our retreats are priced based on what is included in each experience and where in the world they are located. They start from $2500 USD per person with sliding scale options for scholarship recipients and custom payment plans available on a needs basis. We want everyone to be able to access these epic weeks with us so please join the waitlist if you're at all interested and we can figure out the rest together. 

I'm an entrepreneur looking for business support, is that included in the coaching?

Yes! Robyn has a decade's worth of experience in business strategy and development. Her expertise is helping early stage entrepreneurs monetize in the online space, specifically soul-full service providers like coaches, consultants and creatives. There will always be a business specific retreat available *and* on every retreat in your private session you can work on your business or brand strategy. 

I'm in! What are my next steps?

YAY! We can't wait to meet you. Please join the waitlist to be the first to hear when we have any specific details and the invitations are open. At that time, we will invite you to apply for the retreat and if you're accepted you will secure your spot with a deposit and signed agreement. Then the fun begins! Before every retreat we have a pre party so that when you show up you are able to connect with familiar faces. 

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