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Sales is at the crux of generating wealth and expanding your impact. Without it your business cannot grow, and your vision is on ice. But selling can just feel so... UGH sales-y

Let's accelerate your sales with both the energetics and the practical.

are you ready to finally sell your work?


What if I told you that sales is about personal power? It's about the embodiment of your truth, your belief and the transfer of this confidence. The energetics. What if I told you that when you are not aligned or congruent with your sales process, it will NEVER work long term. This is the foundation. But it's also not the whole story.

You also need a clear vision, a solid structure, and a method for exchanging value. When you combine these ingredients, you tap into the most powerful sales codes you've ever encountered and sales becomes easeful, and dare I say, fun?  

learn how to be effective at sales because you do want to sell your work, just differently

find your sales voice and lean into ethical sales

where is sales holding you back?

If this way of sales feels new, that's understandable. It's a rebellion against oppressive systems that alienate humanity, compassion, grace and love. It's a redefinition of what is present in this new era of heart-FULL sales.

The new paradigm of selling is an elevation of standards for ourselves, our business and our industries. And it relates to so much more than sales: it touches upon boundaries, capacity, leadership, community, art, expression, wealth, creativity, connection and devotion. It's about SO much more than the income your business generates. *And when we truly understand this, the irony is that we attract more wealth*. 

Why? Your business will grow in proportion to the truth you accept and embody within yourself.

where sales is about crafting a vision, a business, a life, and a way of BEING that feels rich, pleasurable, and aligned.

“Robyn helped me see my potential past what I thought it [my business] would become. I am so grateful.”

- corinne

what you really need:

Liberation of your sales voice. 

Permission to once and for all stop doing it "their way". Lean into an expression of sales and marketing that feels aligned and natural for you. Sales is personal.

A predicable sales process that converts.

The structure to attract ideal clients, build trust with them, and convert them into happy clients who receive the transformation you promise. Plus rinse and repeat.

Confidence with sales convos and objections

Confidence to navigate sales calls and conversations in the DMs, including objections from a place of love and sovereignty for your leads. Sales is part logic, part emotion, but always human. 

A paradigm shift. A gateway for you to heal and shift your relationship with sales. To be fully seen. To put both feet in the game. To commit wholeheartedly to the gift of offering your sacred work to those who most need it. To generate wealth and expand your impact. To weave pleasure and power, sales and sovereignty.
It all starts now. 

the coach sales system


teach me plz

Module One: the vision

Craft an offer that sells itself and reconnect with your unique sales voice so that selling no longer feels cringe. Get really clear on your wealth desires, your money mindset and a specific sales plan to bring this vision to life even if nothing has worked in the past.

Course breakdown:

teach me plz

Module Two: the structure

Understand your sales path, a timeless client attraction strategy, and how to design a sales page that stands out. Learn how to filter high quality leads and implement an automated system so that you reclaim your precious time. If you're wondering how to turn content and followers into clients, you'll love this module.  

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Module Three: the exchange

The exchange provides a proven structure for your sales calls and how to leverage social media direct messaging without spamming people (YUCK!). You'll learn how to confidently navigate sales objections from an ethical, consensual perspective. Sharing your price confidently and receiving money for your work is your new normal - no more lowering your prices just to make the sale. 

teach me plz

module four: the follow up

 Learn the ins and outs of ongoing nurturing because it's true that "the fortune is in the follow up"... When you have the birds eye view of your pipeline you break the feast and famine cycle that leads to burn out and resentment for many coaches.

Create a process so that nobody falls through the cracks of your business ever again. 


Sales Energetics, Mindset and Nervous System Support

A three part collection of energetic and somatic support to shape shift your relationship with sales from the depths of your body. You are the muse, and your body holds the wisdom. 

This might feel like an unexpected addition to a sales-focused course, but you can't thrive in an area of your life or business that doesn't feel safe. Expanding your capacity and elevating your mindset is at the root of your momentum and success long term because it usually starts with exceeding your current capacity.



Quit the "Feast and Famine Cycle" and be conscious of every person in your business orbit

If you're not building out your sales pipeline you will be stuck in the feast and famine cycle for perpetuity. This creates burnout, frustration and too often, walking away from a failing business. With my comprehensive and interactive lead tracking template, you will have the system in place to never lose track of a human being in your business again!


Lean on a catalogue of social sales prompts and examples so you know exactly how to sell and reframe objections via social media 

The large majority of online coaches are not leveraging social media for effective sales strategy. This is why you do NOT need to have a large audience to make good money and a huge impact. I'll show you how.

valued at $333


valued at $77
valued at $222

we've got your
sales back

How does this sound?

Sell without feeling like you're selling all the time as you call in your dream clients

Learn the essential elements of ethical sales and how to stop worrying that you're manipulating or being cringe

Build a product suite that makes sense for your profitability and create a rinse and repeat sales process

Tap into your personal power, create safety in your nervous system and bolster your mindset when it comes to selling, receiving and wealth

Find your unique sales voice so that selling feels like a natural extensions of yourself


"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz!"

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It's time to take back your power when it comes to selling your work ....

and normalize sales being the easiest (and most fun) business activity in your coaching business

self paced access to everything right away

Here's what you get ...

Guided audio sermons that help you reclaim the essence of your vision while cultivating confidence and personal power

Non-negotiable daily and weekly sales activities that actually move the needle

A lead tracking template so that you never lose track of anyone in your sales pipeline ever again

Scrips for sales calls and selling on social direct message channels (without being gross, slimey or out of integrity)

Video lessons in each of the four modules that teach you proven sales strategy for coaches and online service providers


Embodied tools so that you *finally* heal your relationship with selling on a foundational level

"I now help more people in my business, am making more money, and I have more free time for more joy in life."

Working with Robyn was exactly what I needed to elevate my business and mindset. Throughout our time together I was able to create a new reoccurring revenue stream and set up systems in my business for this to flow with ease.

you are powerful

Valerie created a recurring revenue model

Robyn is the most generous, kind-hearted and authentic coach I have ever worked with. 

She provides the necessary structure for a successful business while encouraging immense personal growth & discovery. Her belief in your inevitable ability to succeed is contagious, and I walked away with huge trust in myself, my business and my impact.

Liza increased her ease with sales, launching and growth

"I was able to manifest two six figure months and some of the best launch projects I have ever had the privilege to work on...

After taking a deep breath and reflecting on where I was, we mapped out a process that I then blossomed into during our time together. Robyn taught me to embody my true potential and to invite in the abundance that my gifts are so worthy of. It was, and still is, a beautiful and gentle reminder.

kerry increased her revenue and had her highest months in business

hear from clients who have worked with me

Sales is both a science and an art, which is why this course integrates the strategy with a sales system that can do the heavy lifting for you. But beyond this, it's about being embodied as the leader of your vision.

The mystery ingredient that only YOU can bring to the table... the reason homemade food tastes better than factory produced - LOVE. Care. Intention. Devotion. Quality. Mastery. Humanity. Essentially, your sales will expand in relation to the truth and belief you embody yourself. 

Why does homemade food taste better than mass produced, frozen or canned food? Because it's made with love. The same is true for sales. If you love the people you serve and you love solving the problem you solve, then you're better at sales than you think you are. Especially when you don't try so hard and you bring your own special ingredients to the process.

"Robyn was the greatest gift I never knew my business needed. I was able to manifest two six-figure months..."

- kerry k.

I learned that instead of trying to stand out, all I needed to do is stand in. Robyn taught me to embody my true potential and to invite in the abundance that my gifts are so worthy of. It was, and still is, a beautiful and gentle reminder.

Honestly, I used to think that sales and compassion couldn't co-exist. I used to CRINGE at the thought of having to ask someone for money, and my relationship with sales was so skewed that even though I was alwayssssss doing it, I was certain that it would be the death of me. Especially when I got stuck in the feast and famine cycle of success and failure, paired with the inevitable shame spiral. That all shifted when I stopped trying to sell and I cared more about connection over conversion, being of service over being comfortable, and honouring the humanity in both myself and my leads over getting it perfect.  Learning to love sales accelerated my business growth AND my enjoyment of running a business which was a complete game changer. 

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Because when you truly know what and who you stand for, and you learn to express this in language everyone speaks, sales becomes a relationship. And architecting a strategy and system around this becomes easily predictable ($) and repeatable.

but first

This sales course isn't going to teach you sleazy tactics or tips you can google...

it helps you reconnect to your own sales voice

It's not about copy and paste strategies that ask you to step outside your integrity or advice you can get for free elsewhere. It's about a deep transformation and a powerful paradigm shift in relation to how you sell, how you show up online and how you energetically align with offering your work and receiving abundance.

This means it's a sustainable transformation that will continue to serve you and your business over and over and over again. 

and helps you effectively offer your work to the world without shame or guilt 

When sales shifts from performance to presence - a coming home within your body that expresses authentically to others - it feels like a redemption of the economic structures we participate in. Sales becomes about service, sovereignty and success on your own terms. 

The vision I have for you in taking this course is that you will step into the arena. You'll commit to playing bigger and you'll be equipped to do this from an embodied place. You'll truly believe that your work changes lives and that you're worth all that you desire. And you will have clear strategies and supportive systems to accelerate your sales success. Because as I have said before - you get to make great money doing work you LOVE.

Study at your own pace

get immediate access to all the modules

grow your mindset 

sell ethically and with heart

This course includes everything you need to learn to love sales

Trendy tips and tricks will only take you so far. This course goes SO much deeper than that. You will fundamentally heal your relationship with sales and feel equipped to effectively sell your work with confidence and ease.

Warning: selling may just become your favourite CEO task. 

Sell from a pure place of integrity, love and effectiveness

Build a sales machine in your business that consistently converts

Understand how to fill your business with dream clients

Stop worrying about where your next client is going to come from or whether you have any warm leads in your community

Feel organized and clear around your "back of house" sales processes and lead tracking 

Lean into an embodied sales process, an elevated mindset and an expanded capacity to receive MORE with your money and business

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* learn to:


This      for you if:

you want more coaching clients

you're already a sales rockstar

you want to enjoy selling in your business

you're not willing to do the work

you're ready to elevate your mindset when it comes to confidence and wealth creation

It's probably        for you if...

you don't want to make more money or work with more clients



let's get selling.

is it a full body yes?

What is included and when can I access each module?

Included are four specific modules that guide you through a complete sales process: the vision (your why, your sales voice and your money); the structure (the specific elements you need to convert clients), the exchange (client facing communication) and the follow up (...this is where the fortune is). You also get access to bonus content in every module, including a three part bonus module that elevates your mindset and supports your nervous system when it comes to expanding and receiving more. You get immediate access to all the content upon purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a guarantee or refunds?

In short, no. You get instant access to all the content that is filled with more than a decade's worth of wisdom. This sales process has been used to help hundreds of coaches build profitable businesses and we are excited to see how it supports you and your business next!

Does this course teach me how to build my coaching practice from ground zero or is it only sales specific?

We only touch on the sales system, so yes this is something that should be integrated into your business as a whole - this course specializes in the sales specific activities within your funnel. For ex: how to create sales content for your marketing, how to structure sales calls and conversations, how to track your sales pipeline etc. If you're looking for support in building the foundations of your online business including a complete funnel, please take a look at my signature group program Club Rise. See the answer below for what unique content is available in Club Rise vs The Coach Sales System.

I've done Club Rise or worked with you privately before, should I buy this?

Club Rise, my signature group coaching program, builds the entire funnel for your business - the focus is on creating the foundations you need to build a sustainable online business with the different moving parts: marketing and visibility, email list growth, social media community growth, deep dive offer creation, automation, tech support, launching, sales and operating as the CEO of your vision. It's a comprehensive four month container with a small group of humans looking to scale their business to 10k months. How it compares to this course: This course is specific to the sales system in your business. It does a deeper dive into the entirety of sales so it would supplement what you have built by working with me in Club Rise or 1:1 *or* it would be a good starting point if you're working up to a group coaching program. Sales pages and the structure of sales calls are repeated content shared in all my programs, but outside of that this course is significantly more of a deep dive into sales and your relationship to sales, in its entirety.

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If you're ready to experience the joy and pleasure of selling your work, changing lives, and being fully seen in your magic... it's time.

but first