What if I told you that it was possible to truly have it all.


For the women desiring a successful business but juggling the roles of CEO, coach, and mama (or planning to be a mama in the future) feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin... this is for you

is it time you stopped trying to hustle your way to success?


Let's spill the tea: many entrepreneurs are out here constructing their empires on shaky ground and for all the wrong reasons. But guess what? You can totally have a business that's not just a cash cow, but a life enhancer. I'm talking about a money-making machine that doesn't suck the joy out of life.

Imagine this: a business that fills your pockets and your heart, a squad that's tighter than your morning espresso, and a schedule that's not a constant hustle but a well-orchestrated dance. We're not just talking about a business; we're talking about a lifestyle that's not just Insta-worthy but genuinely rich.

Sure, yoga on a random Wednesday is cool, but have you ever experienced your whole life feeling like your best day – spacious, liberating, luxurious, and seamlessly put together? Now that's the kind of flex that's worth celebrating. 

you are not a machine, but your business should be.

harnessing the power of a woman in her feminine and the structure of a profitable machine.

"Robyn helped me launch my website design business from ground zero to having my website up and running and marketing to clients within 3 months!

During our time together I was able to launch a business I love and leave my corporate 9-5 job!"

- Harjit, canada

Here's What You Need:

More time for YOURSELF

White space, flexibility, self care, not just time to get the to do lists done, but the energy, inspiration and vitality to alchemize your dreams into a reality

Better systems for the BUSINESS

Less grinding behind the computer screen and manually doing ALL THE THINGS and more allowing the machines to take care of things for YOU

Freedom to do what you're great at

Permission to build a body of work that truly aligns with you and not having to be everything for everyone all the time

Say goodbye to the overwhelm and embrace the fulfilling journey of being a successful coach, CEO, and devoted mam

the mothered business mastermind


teach me plz


A profitable business model that helps you optimize your marketing, client attraction and sales strategy for maximum profits in a 4 day work week or less. 

the mothered business is centred around:

teach me plz


Streamline business operations to maximize productivity, allowing for more quality moments and flexibility for what matters most. 

teach me plz

systems + structure

You are not a machine which is why systems are essential to the ebbs and flow of life. You still get to make money, help people and succeed in your business because the machines do the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

teach me plz


Cohesion and confidence between the multiple identities you hold, the masculine and feminine, the values you hold dear and the way you run your business, the dream you have and your reality. 

real results

“I have had the highest months in my business and it keeps on growing.”

Although I already started my own business, I was able to implement many new strategies and resources to my online dance business to have the highest month in my business ever and it keeps growing. I love the clarity and support I receive from Robyn and the deep level of care I feel when working with her.

She is undoubtedly very knowledgable, encouraging, and always authentically shares such amazing words of insight! The content is so beautifully designed and I would highly recommend her to any woman looking to start her biz in a safe and supportive space.

I love you Robyn and thank you for all you do!!!

- Venus, California






some of the wins you can expect:

How does this sound?

A foundation in your business that is aligned and one you can scale to six figures (and beyond)

An engaged community that LOVES to hear from you and throws money at everything you offer

A rock solid mindset that propels your success forward rather than holding it back

A streamlined, spacious and sustainable business that is of service to the people you want to impact but is equally of service to YOU and the life you dream of outside of your work

A fully booked business with dream clients you LOVE ... without the burn out 


Two monthly 90 minute group coaching calls with private access to me between calls, access to a private community group and live workshops

high touch access

An extensive world class library of resources around marketing, funnels, social media, with templates and more! Lifetime access to this.

business mastery

Detailed copy reviews for your social media content, emails, website, sales pages, and anything else you want my eyes on!

copy reviews

How it works

“Working with Robyn is nothing short of magical. Her knowledge of business, systems and strategy is like nothing I've ever come across, and she shares it with an open heart and passion. You will find it impossible to find anyone who does things the way Robyn does.


- Zoe, United Kingdom

We can do it on your own, but we weren't designed to ...

so let's get  you supported!

Client Wins...

"I am a bit of a coaching skeptic. I was always blown away by Robyn's knowledge base and impressive library of easy-to-follow resources.

So many out there promise to be the panacea to all your problems. But the reality is that many don't know much more than you, or even more sad, some of them don't really care. Neither of those things are a concern, at all, with Robyn. She helped me get my funnel from flatlining to proven concept! And she really, really cares deeply for the clients she works with." 

it's your turn!

Kristine went from funnel flatilining to proven concept, vancouver canada

"Robyn is an incredible soulful coach who you can 100% trust your business, heart and dreams.

Robyn is an incredible soulful coach who you can 100% trust with your business, heart and dreams. She is loving, caring and compassionate, will cheer you on all along the way and will help you create an aligned profitable and authentic business that you love, and that supports your big heart and love for making a difference in the world! I can’t recommend her highly enough and am so grateful for Robyn’s amazing coaching, business knowledge and experience! Robyn is an amazing business coach for soulful female entrepreneurs wanting to make a difference in the world!

lorien launched her group program, reached 10k followers on instagram and had her biggest month in biz,
byron bay australia

"The level of knowledge and experience in strategy and systems she brings is truly rare and special in a market full of cheerleaders, but light on experts."

When I began [with Robyn], I felt fatigued and overwhelmed. But with Robyn's warm but real-world guidance and genuine encouragement, I now have my momentum back, a suite of new offerings and ideas, and a clear path ahead. I feel more aligned, confident, and empowered to do things MY way. Thank you Robyn!

jerico is creating content and a new suite of offerings that excite her, with fun at the centre of it all - melbourne, australia / la, california

client success stories

“If you're looking for a coach who is the real deal, robyn is your gal.”

- jerico, australia

Although there is no copy and paste formula for building a successful business, there is a proven roadmap that will help you structure your business with alignment, strategize for profits, and market in a way that your people resonate with what you're putting out into the world. 

Let's strip away the superficial layers, removing the distractions that drown out your soul's song. This journey is about more than business; it's a soulful pilgrimage, a celebration of your individuality, and an embodiment of the remarkable entrepreneur within

Building a successful business, but find yourself struggling to balance the demanding roles of a coach, CEO, and mama? You're not alone. I understand the challenges you face—late nights, early mornings, and the constant juggling act. But here's the good news: you don't have to do it all on your own.

Create a legacy that goes beyond business achievements


Sign up for the early bird and get two bonus 1:1 coaching calls

As a very limited and exclusive bonus, you get two deep dive one on one sessions with me (both 60 minute sessions) during your time in the mastermind. These can focus on the birds eye view of your business overall or a specific issue you'd like to focus on.

Valued at $1000


The Marketing Bundle

The marketing bundle includes deep six dive workshops on leveraging key marketing platforms in your business. This includes strategy teachings for:

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Etsy
Valued at $1100


Launching and Wealthy Feminine Embodiment

These two standalone workshops are my most popular workshops. Understand your energetic signature and how it's influencing outcomes in your business and bank account so that you can break patterns of resistance beyond "mindset", experience embodiment and its role in your leadership and wealth. And reprogram the conditioning that keeps you playing small.

The launch workshop is very practical with teachings for sold out launches including timelines, assets, the sales process and more!
Valued at $110

Develop a unique and memorable brand that sets you apart in a saturated market, making your business instantly recognizable

Create and implement a scalable business model that not only survives in a competitive market but thrives, allowing for consistent revenue growth to six figures and beyond

Elevate your social media presence and authority, positioning yourself as an influential figure in your niche and attracting a steady stream of ideal clients

Implement streamlined business systems and structures to enhance efficiency, freeing up time for strategic activities and preventing overwhelm

Cultivate a loyal and engaged community around your brand, fostering relationships that go beyond transactions

Develop unwavering confidence in your role as both a CEO and a mother, leading your business with authority and nurturing a positive work-life balance

by joining this mastermind you will...


The soulful rebel behind the scenes, proving that you can escape the corporate grind, be the mama you want to be, and build a booming online business —all at the same time.

A few years ago, I was doing the corporate hustle, dreaming of a life where I could actually enjoy being a present mom to my daughter. Fast forward to today, and I'm rocking the multi-six figure online coaching scene. Yep, dreams do come true, especially with the right mix of strategy, systems, and a hefty dose of soul magic.

But my journey started way back, before the mom title was even in the picture. While diving into the world of economic mobility for women during my master's degree, I stumbled upon a glaring truth—motherhood was the sneakiest hurdle for women chasing economic freedom in developed countries. And guess what? That revelation hit home hard because, yep, you guessed it, I was pregnant with my daughter.

Turns out, being a mom was the invisible mountain many women faced on the road to economic freedom in developed countries. I was determined to rewrite that narrative, not just for me but for every woman craving choices beyond the conventional.

Now, let's zoom in on a few years back. Picture this: I was the first mom dropping my daughter at daycare and last to pick her up, wrestling with the stress of missing her while trapped in a soul-sucking job. Then, like a plot twist in a feel-good movie, someone whispered that I could step into a life of more. Crazy, right? But guess what? It worked.

Hi, I'm Robyn,
mama, ceo and business coach.

Here I am with my little six-year-old partner-in-crime, thriving in our dream home, thanks to the business I built. My business held the fort when my husband took two years off work, weathered the storm during our fertility journey, and gave me the space to heal from a late miscarriage. It's not just about making good money; it's about creating a life that's not just about surviving but thriving.

And here's the plot twist: Before this soulful venture, I was the secret sauce behind businesses ranging from startups to seven figures and beyond. I've seen the highs, lows, and all the in-betweens. But I have now decided to carve out a space for mamas or women wanting to be a mama in their future —warriors with a mission to do great work while being present with themselves and their families.

So, friend, buckle up. We're not just redefining success; we're rewriting the rules and celebrating every victory, yours included!

It's now 2023 and my life looks so different.

someone told me this was possible

The Mothered Business is a unique approach to business building ...


I'm not your average mentor who throws you a breadcrumb of advice. Nah, I'm the friend who spills all the juicy details, sharing secrets others hoard like VIP backstage passes. And I hold you in your own embodied wisdom and power.

And let me tell you, I'm invested in your success like it's the binge-worthy finale of my favorite Netflix series. I'm not just a coach who talks the talk; I'm the one rolling up my sleeves and jumping into the trenches with you. We're in the business of practical solutions, none of that overwhelm-inducing fluff, thank you very much.

But hold up, because I'm don't buy into the idea that strategies and systems alone will catapult your business to the stars. That's why we take everything—strategies, systems, structures—and give it a personal touch. It's like a business glow-up, custom-fit to the unique soulful and embodied magic that is undeniably you.

If you are a mother or you plan to be a mother in the future, this is the best investment in blending both motherhood and business

Being a mom isn't just a title; it's a revolutionary shift in how you navigate the world and how you're molding a little person's view of it. It's messy, beautiful, challenging, and utterly transformative—all rolled into one crazy, love-filled adventure.

And for all you not-yet-moms out there, listen up! This is one of the most epic investments you can make on your journey to motherhood. It's like building a rock-solid foundation, not just financially but structurally too. Why? So you can seamlessly rock both the CEO and mama roles for that adorable bundle of joy who'll be calling you "mom" down the line.

intimate group coaching calls

Copy reviews on all your marketing and social media

community of likeminded women 

world class business hub

This mastermind includes everything you need to build a successful business.

Motherhood flips the script on everything. It's not just about the sleepless nights or the constant juggling act; it's a full-on plot twist for how you see the world. And guess what? Your business strategy needs a remix too. 

As a mother in business, you're not just chasing success. You are on a mission to change the world for yourself and your child, one sippy cup and snack at a time. Picture this: a business empire where the board meetings might involve a game of hide-and-seek, and the corner office is more of a playroom with a view.

I want to help your business to flourish like your kid's art skills; your bank account to grow faster than your laundry pile, and your impact to be louder than a toddler who just discovered their vocal cords.

In a nutshell, mothers in business aren't settling for less. We are out here building empires, one chaotic but utterly brilliant day at a time.

This is a mastermind that will hold YOU and your vision as both CEO and MAMA.

Generating more money in your business 

Building a system that will do the heavy lifting for you

Attracting soul level clients that just *get* it

Deciding you do NOT have to choose between being a present mother and a fulfilled CEO

Creating a profitable structure that takes the guesswork out of your business model

Feeling a sense of vitality, aliveness, pleasure, joy, and ease with the multiple identities you hold at home and at work

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


client wins

real results

Loretta expanded her business and
exceeded her goals creating a breathwork institute

“Not only did working with her help me to exceed my goals, it helped me to structure things in a way that made it authentic to me.”

I’ve known Robyn for many years and have worked with her, both locally and internationally, on more occasions than I can count. Last year, when I relaunched my business and decided to make it my full time practice, I immediately reached out to her. Her infectious energy, pure heart, depth of awareness and knowledge in business/ Initiative development were the things I needed to inject into the next chapter and that it did. If you’re on a journey of creating or restructuring your business from a very heart centred, people driven lens, I couldn’t recommend anyone more!

- Loretta, Breathwork Facilitator

jess had two sold out launches! 

“Robyn is my Earth angel! I wouldn't be here without this woman.”

I reached my target before I even officially launched in a financial  sense. She has activated my sacred CEO and taken me to my next level. When I went to her I had a vision of what I wanted to achieve and she said "think bigger".  She has been a fucking game and life changer. 

- Jess, Australia

My clients 100% say YES they would refer their BFF to work with me if they needed support!

There's no bigger compliment to me. 

say yes to the bff referral q


This      for you if:

you're ready to go all in on your biz




you desire a lifestyle business that makes good money

It's probably        for you if...




Let's do this thing.


 She is a strategy and systems goddess with a unique balance of feminine and masculine that she weaves in and out of so naturally. I appreciated her well rounded guidance through both a consultant and coaching lens. But, what stands out to me most is her heart, relatability, and very generous ability to hold space and believe in me like nobody ever has. She got down to my level without judgement, held my hand and literally spelled it out for me. She's one switched on soul and I feel so fortunate to have experienced her in (one of) her elements.

ready to rise?

Jess Kirby, Integrative Health Practitioner, Squamish, Canada

"Above and beyond support to help me achieve my goals..."

Tia kelly, life coach, san diego USA

"Launched membership site, had a wildly popular challenge and created recurring income..."

Working with Robyn was exactly what I needed to elevate my business and mindset. Throughout our time together I was able to create a new reoccurring revenue stream and set up systems in my business for this to flow with ease. Robyn helped me stay focused on what I needed to do and when it needed to be done. Without this I would have procrastinated on launching. I now help more people in my business, am making more money, and I have more free time for more joy in life. So grateful for working with Robyn and I HIGHLY recommend her to all my friends in business.

Valerie lavigne, healthy habit mentor & membership, Toronto Canada

more reviews

"Robyn leads a conscious container with so much compassion, understanding, trust, knowledge and guidance...

I know Robyn to be a coach of the deepest integrity. She went above and beyond to support me to achieve my goals. She held an unshakable belief in my ability to succeed and helped me gain massive clarity and forward momentum in my business. Robyn has her finger on the pulse and manages to do online business coaching in a way that embodies feminine truth, ease and flow while leaning on a strong masculine framework, creating the magic that is so often missing in the online business coaching world. 

When do we start & end and what times are calls?

We kick off end of March 2024 / first week of April 2024. Our call days and times will be decided by the group and replays will always be available in case for some reason you can't make one of the calls. The mastermind experience is six months and then you can roll over after that if you'd like more time together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get as part of this experience?

You get two monthly small group coaching calls, access to me weekly between calls, live workshops, regular copy reviews to make sure your messaging and funnel is hitting the mark, surprise bonuses, as well as comprehensive trainings in our online membership portal (which you have lifetime access to!). Done for you templates, done with you tech trainings, community and intimate support from me all wrapped up in one beautiful cocoon. You also get somatic experiences as part of the coaching experience.

How does this differ from 1:1 coaching or a traditional Mastermind experience?

The Mothered Business (TMB) is structured to be an immersive group coaching experience. It's intimate and personalized so that you feel supported by a close community of kindred visionaries while also having high touch access to me, your coach. Personalization is ESSENTIAL and so this container has been designed to ensure that nobody gets lost in the noise and everybody feels seen, heard and supported. You will get 1:1 coaching with me on every group call and 1:1 support from me privately every week. Past members have loved learning from the groups questions while also having their hot seat moment. 

Does it matter where I am in my business journey?

If you identify as an early stage entrepreneur who has some experience and you want to scale to six figures plus in the next 1-3 years, this is the immersive experience for you. It's the program I wish I'd had when I first started my business and truthfully can't think of a better investment that will continue to pay you in ROI for YEARS beyond our time together. If you want your business to finally POP this is it. 

I'm in! What are my next steps?

YAY I am so excited that you are feeling the nudge to join TMB! Step 1: If you want to chat with me to see if it's the right fit, please book your call here. Otherwise, you can directly purchase from this page or here by selecting either "Pay in Full" or "Payment Plan". 2: After confirming your payment, you will receive an email with the login details and introductory package outlining everything you need to know as we prepare to start our session together. Don't worry from this moment forward you're in great hands. Get excited, because the best is yet to come. 

Do you offer refunds or a guarantee?

In short, no. If you're not sure that this is the right move for you, please book a call with me. I'm confident that if you're the right fit for this program you will be really happy with your experience. I trust that I will show up wholeheartedly for you, that I will deliver high quality, relevant and timeless wisdom you can integrate in your business to see positive results. What I can't do, however, is the work for you. You have to show up, commit to the process and do the work yourself. Because of this we can't make any promises, financial or otherwise.

Do you offer flexible payments or scholarships?

Yes! If for some reason the regular payment plan does not work for you, let's chat to create a flexible plan that will work for you. Accessibility is *incredibly* important to me because there are layers of privilege at play in the systems we operate in and I am devoted to ensuring access wherever possible. Email robyn@robyngooding.com for a confidential request to set up flexible payments (it's just between you and I!) or you can apply for a scholarship here. 

Do I have to be a mother?

Nope! If you desire motherhood in your future this is also perfect for you! The premise of our process is that your life OUTSIDE of your business is prioritized. Your business supports your LIFE not the other way around. So that might look different for you in this season of life if you're not yet a mother and that's totally okay. Our community is 100% inclusive for all female identifying entrepreneurs!




We align your business with a personalized strategy to attract dream clients


We automate your funnel so that your business can grow on autopilot


we cultivate a ceo mama mindset and set you up for long term success

let's chat on a call here

Shady sales tactics and manipulative marketing? Not our style. We're all about keeping it ethical and honest. If there's a part of you that's curious, we recommend that toss in your application. Let's have a chat and figure out if The Mothered Business is the move for you. 

but first