How to Fill Your First Webinar

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You’re ready to launch your product, course or service… but before you do that you know that you need to build a community of people who love, know and trust you, AND who know they need what you have to offer.

Enter the webinar. Sometimes referred to as a Masterclass.

This is your opportunity to shine a light on the work you do, share how you understand and can solve your ideal client’s problems [without giving it all away], and build an audience that is hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 for what you are selling.

Four Essential Steps

Once you have crafted the perfect webinar, you’re going to need people to participate. This is your framework.

Step One: Make Decisions

Decide on dates for the following important milestones and then add them to your calendar. 📅 This is an important step because when you write something down you’re committing to it differently than keeping the date in your head.

  • Your cart open period: This includes the day your cart opens, the day your cart closes, and the days in between. Throughout this period people will be able to purchase your offer. Once the cart closes, they’re 💩 out of luck 👑.
  • Your webinar dates: When will you be running your webinar? How many days and times will you be running it? I recommend choosing two separate days/times to give a couple different options to your community.
  • Your webinar sign up period: When will you be promoting your webinar and inviting people to register?
  • Your prelaunch period: Before you promote your webinar, you want to build authority and momentum. This is considered your prelaunch period. It’s also where you can pre-sell with incentives to the people in your community that are already in love with you and eager to work with you / purchase your offer!

Step Two: Build a Community

  • Lead Magnet: What do your ideal clients need right now? Focus on helping them and adding value to build your list. [This is where people can opt in with their email address to receive the value add you’ve created for them, such as a PDF, ebook etc!]
  • Social Strategy: Where are your ideal clients hanging out online? Meet them there and build the love, know and trust factor by consistently adding value and showing up.
  • Heartfelt Conversations: A lot of people focus on content prelaunch but it’s 50% content and 50% connection. You have to dig deeper and build real relationships by having genuine conversations with your audience wherever possible.

Step Three: Design Your Registration Page

  • Ignite Curiosity: Choose a catchy title with keywords your ideal client would google. Not sure? Explore facebook groups or forums where your people are chatting about the problem you solve.
  • The Problem: Your registration page needs to explicitly outline the problem you solve in your webinar. Your audience should walk away with a lot of value so that it’s worth their time.
  • The Possibilities: You should also clearly outline the benefits and transformation that is possible on the other side of this problem being solved.
  • The Person: One of the best ways to have people sign up is when you are precise about your niche and who this is for / who it is NOT for. You want the “she 💯 gets me” feeling.
  • Your Street Cred: Why are you the person they can / should trust to solve this problem? This is your opportunity to do the (not so) humble brag. But remember, your “about you” is really about them. Injecting social proof is going to really boost your authority and invite people to see themselves in your community!

Step Four: Promote Your Webinar

  • Social Media: Depending on where your ideal clients are online, Instagram and Facebook can be powerhouses for organic traffic and relationship cultivating. Posts, stories, lives, facebook groups etc are all really helpful resources to filling up your webinar.
  • Bonuses: For previous clients or people in your Facebook group for example, is there a bonus 🎁 you can provide as an incentive to them signing up in your pre launch period? How about bonuses for those who attend the webinar? Everybody loves gifts!
  • Website: Make the most of your website traffic by promoting your webinar on a pop up or announcement bar! Your blog content should also be driving traffic to your webinar.
  • Pinterest: Create Pins as part of your Pinterest strategy to drive traffic. You can also drive traffic to the parts of your website that invite guests to your webinar.
  • Emails: A nurtured email list is a really effective place to promote your webinar and sell your offer, so outside of the launch period make sure you are always loving on your list and inviting them to your webinar personally too.
  • Paid Ads: Facebook and Instagram Ads can add jet fuel to your audience growth if you’re at this stage of your business!

Step Five: Show Up and Serve Your People

  • Embody gratitude: When you’re grateful for one, you’ll be able to receive more. Gratitude is everything.
  • Visualize success: When you can envision your big dream, your beliefs and actions align to support it.
  • Set goals and track your data: Numbers are everything. Track track track track track – did I say track? EVERY👏🏽THING.🤑
  • Trust the process: There’s a fine line between strategy and surrender. There’s a lot you can control, but for everything else, I suggest to surrender. It’s the best way to stay sane when you deeply understand there’s no such thing as failure, only learning. 💛

Let me know below what tip you are going to run with first and what your webinar topic is, I’d love to know!

P.S As always, remember the best is yet to come!

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