8 Things Every New Coach Should Know

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I'm a business and certified life coach who helps women start and scale their profitable online businesses. I share educational resources around marketing, mindset, social media, business strategy and the soul stuff. To find out more, view my About page

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Hi, I'm robyn

When I first started coaching, the industry as a whole was really foreign to me. I had no idea what a massive, overwhelming, complex system it was to navigate. Everything just felt like A LOT and at moments I wondered how I would ever carve out a nook for myself. If that feels true for you, this blog post was written from my heart to yours.

I believe in your ability to create the life and coaching business of your dreams. If other business coaches, strategists or “gurus” tell you that you’ll have a six figure business in the blink of an eye, with little effort from you, they’re probably telling you half truths. The full truth is that building a sustainable, successful business takes time. I always knew I’d be in it for the LONG GAME and the people who I see go furthest in their coaching work are the ones who commit to the same. So if you’re a new coach who is ready to go ALL in, I’m here to give you some good news.

Here are eight things I believe every new coach should know:

There is room for you in this industry:

No matter how saturated the coaching industry is, it continues to be evaluated as a couple billion dollars and growing. Leaning into an abundance mindset here, and the fact that there is no other human exactly like you on this planet, I firmly believe that YOU can carve out your own space in this industry *and* we need you to. We need your one of a kind perspective, skillset, lived experience, soul wisdom, and personality. There is *always* enough for everyone.

You can build your business your way:

As a business strategist I’ve seen behind the scenes of many coaching businesses using multiple business models. Whether it’s passive income through courses, or focusing solely on high touch one on one offers, group coaching programs, Masterminds, retreats or a hybrid, you get to lean into what works for YOU. My perspective is that our business should ADD to our life, and choosing the right business model for YOU will allow you to build a business that enriches your life. Systems changed the game for me because they allowed me to spend less time inside my business doing the back end things, and more time supporting clients and showing up for my community. These are my favourite online biz tools that have made the biggest difference.

Money doesn’t validate your work:

Some coaching niches are less tangible than others, and the gift of your work will be felt and experienced far beyond what can be seen in your financial returns. If you focus on serving your people and giving them epic transformations, the money will follow. There have been many times where coaching has continued to gift me transformations well after being in a container with that coach, and so trust that your people have their own journey and will receive value during your time together but after your time together as well.

The first ten clients are the hardest to sign:

Getting traction as a new coach is the hardest part in my opinion. It’s one of the reasons I LOVE supporting new coaches. Once you have worked with your first ten clients, you will have the social proof to back up your offer, validate it in the market, and build the confidence to sell it more. You’ll also learn how to embody the energy behind your offer and attract the clients you really want to work with.

Don’t try to be on every platform. Pick your top two and go all in on them:

“Less leads to success” is something I had pinned on my bathroom mirror for a while. As a Manifesting Generator and Enneagram 7, I love to spice up life. Learning to keep it really simple and focus on doing LESS well did not feel organic but it’s absolutely helped my success snowball. I recommend picking one or two platforms and mastering them. Outside of that, please build your email list because apps like Instagram are rented land, not real estate you own. It’s important to protect your business by having a list of leads and clients that you own.

Sales do not need to feel sleazy. Sales is an act of service:

I’m not one for inspirational quotes when I’m scrolling my feed, but there is one that caught my eye recently. It was a quote from Adam Grant that said:

“Many people hesitate to share their work because they’re uncomfortable promoting themselves. Sharing your art, writing or invention isn’t an act of self promotion. It’s an act of self expression. If you don’t put your ideas out in the world, no one else can benefit from them”.

Adam Grant

Sales is something I love to teach and love to do because it’s one of the greatest acts of service we can step into for others. When we have a solution to a problem others are facing, it’s an incredible gift to invite them into that solution. When you learn how to honour yourself and honour others in your sales strategy, the rest feels easy. If you’re looking to avoid the most common sales mistakes then this blog post will be really helpful for you.

You can absolutely have it all and create the life you dream of:

I remember sitting in my corporate cubicle, completely exhausted and feeling like there was more for my life. I didn’t want to sit in a soul sucking job while my baby hung out in daycare for twelve hours a day. I felt completely trapped and starved of purpose, contribution, meaningful connection and joy. Fast forward one year later and I was working from a beach in Greece with my husband and our young daughter. My husband had taken an unpaid leave from work to spend more time with our family and he was able to do that because my business could support us financially. Fast forward two years, and I was making more money than I had in my entire life. In a matter of weeks I made more money than I did in a YEAR in that soul sucking corporate gig. All because I took a bet on myself. And this is completely possible for you too. If you’re currently dreaming of your rich life, know that I wholeheartedly believe in your ability to create it.

Choose your mentors wisely but they can help you get your business up and running faster:

There will never be enough words me for to thank my mentors who have been part of my journey. Almost ten years ago I was introduced to Marie Forleo’s B School and from there I started to connect with incredible leaders who have rocketed my growth. Not every course or program was helpful, but most were exactly what I needed at the time I needed them. I also learned that just because there’s not an obvious ROI after being in a program or working with a coach, I can trust my own path. Many times I can look back and thank a mentor for the wisdom they imparted on me, that I eventually was able to fully understand and integrate in my own way. We are not meant to build a business on our own and building the right team to support you will get you to your dream business and life significantly faster than lone wolfing it. In case you’re interested in how I personally built my profitable business and help other coaches, consultants and soulful service providers do the same, you can learn more about signature method here.

To recap eight things I want every new coach to know:

  1. There is room for you in this industry
  2. You can build your business your way
  3. You don’t need 5k, 10k, 30k months to validate your gift to the world
  4. The first 10 clients are the hardest to sign. Hang in there.
  5. Don’t try to be on every platform – pick your top two and go all in.
  6. Sales do not need to feel sleazy. Sales is service.
  7. You can absolutely have it all and create the life you dream of. I believe in you.
  8. Choose your mentors wisely but they can help you get there faster!

If you’re ready to take that leap and build your profitable online business, I would love to chat with you. If we aren’t a perfect fit I will recommend one of my dearly loved peers because more than anything, I want YOU to succeed!

The best is yet to come,

Robyn xo

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