you're a soulful entrepreneur looking to do big things


Welcome to your immersive cocoon to design a business that is spacious, sustainable, structured and of service to others while also being deeply of service to YOU.  This is your six figure framework for a profitable service based business.

is it time to finally go all in?

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Creating freedom for yourself through soulful entrepreneurship seems like the answer to a rich life [hint: I believe it is] ... but there is a problem: you don't know how to do it and you're frustrated by the fact that so many programs out there give you half the answers and don't deliver on their promises. You're finally ready to be fully seen and to stop being the best kept secret, while also living an epic life outside your work. 
I get it. I've created Club Rise as the answer to soulful service providers who want to build a sustainable business that can scale to six figures (and beyond) while being of service to others and themselves.

It's time you finally stopped being the best kept secret.

the reason business feels so hard is not because you're not cut out for it. it's because you've been conditioned to hustle, make decisions from a disembodied place, and duplicate copy and paste strategies.
Club Rise is not that.

your soul cravings are there for a reason

More time for a life outside your biz

You want to build a profitable business so that you can lead an epic and rich life outside of your work. Time for yourself, your health, your loved ones, travel...

Cultivating a dreamy community

You're here to share your soul service with the world, you deeply care about people and imagine a better world for all. Impact is your middle name. 

Freedom to live life on your own terms

You've deepened your self awareness, rebelled against systems that have dictated who you should be, and you're ready to come home to yourself for the true freedom of existing as you are in this world. 

Our sacred business circle is about more than consuming content or sharing copy and paste strategies. This is a high touch, intimate and grounding container for you to bring all of you and your big dreams. It's about intention, connection and implementation, because that's what supports your rise.

the cocoon where you rise








How does this sound?

A foundation in your business that is aligned and one you can scale to six figures (and beyond)

An engaged community that LOVES to hear from you and throws money at everything you offer

A rock solid mindset that propels your success forward rather than holding it back

A streamlined, spacious and sustainable business that is of service to the people you want to impact but is equally of service to YOU and the life you dream of outside of your work

A fully booked business with dream clients you LOVE ... without the burn out 

ready to rise?

Phase one:

  • Remember what you truly want from your business and how it can serve you, your family and the life you're craving outside of your work 
  • Make decisions from a place of embodiment so that you can trust yourself and lead your business with confidence (this is everything!)
  • Develop your signature framework so that you are not overwhelmed when working with many clients and so that you know exactly what you're offering them for value
  • Understand *exactly* who you're helping, what they're craving and HOW to reach them
  • Outline your business model and unique strategy

the breakdown of r-i-s-e:

phase two: impacting

  • Design an offer that is a "HELL YES" for your people
  • Understand your magnetism in marketing and how to be fully seen online as you show up with confidence for hundreds (or thousands) of people
  • Cultivate an engaged community that LOVES to hear from you and your truest expression
  • Be in integrity and play with social media
  • Learn how to attract dream clients who are ready to pay you vs. just hang out for your free content
  • Protect your business so that you're never fully dependent on algorithms and apps while having a steady stream of dream clients in your pipeline 

phase three: serving

  • Design a sales strategy that feels soul-full, simple and sustainable 
  • Become memorable at every stage of your client journey 
  • Fall in love with sales and launching (... and break up with any resistance to sales for good)
  • Have fun while making money (without the guilt, pressure, imposter feelings or manipulation)
  • Wow your clients with epic transformations (there's a secret to this!)

phase Four:

  • Signature systems that help you scale with ease (hello happy hour, lazy lunches, Pilates at noon and midday naps)
  • Implement my scheduling secrets to add more time, energy and capacity to your days, weeks, and months. It's possible to make more money while working less
  • Understand when and how to add to your product suite (especially moving from 1:1 to 1:many)
  • Tools to support you as the sacred CEO of your business so that you can honour your humanity while upgrading your business and your life 
  • Business boundaries, embodiment practices, expanding your capacity to receive, mindset tools and more so that business feels joyful, grounding, and nourishing. 
yes plz

bonus live workshops

Examples of surprise live workshops....

  • Social media specific strategies (For example Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, TikTok etc)
  • Magnetic Marketing best practices
  • Wealth creation and money mindset
  • Embodied leadership for feminine visionaries - what does it actually mean to LEAD your business?

Previous Clients Say...

You will get tactile advice in this program for marketing strategies and business backend systems that make everything feel so much easier... you will get plug and play templates to help you shrink time and take aligned action... and yet, you get so much more than that. You get to be fully seen. You get to ask the deeper questions that have been lingering beyond the surface. You get to indulge yourself in an immersive experience that can hold all of you and all of your fears, doubts, dreams *especially the ones you barely whisper to anyone else*. You get to embody the CEO of your dream business and you will actually start to believe that everything you desire is possible for you. 

I believe you need all the marketing, mindset, structure, strategy and systems to succeed... and yet you're deserving of so much more than the fluff and copy/paste advice you can get from hundreds of other programs. This is not that.

Ready to Rise and Build your Dream Business?


The Launch Vault 

If done-for-you scripts, social graphics, launch calendars, financial spreadsheets and step by step processes make you as excited as me, you're going to LOVE this bonus. Beyond everything we cover in our Launch Module, this bonus is going to take a HUGEEEE amount of things OFF your launch to do list, saving you time and energy so that you can show up and sell your offer with ease. 



Mindset Toolbox

If I had to choose the #1 thing that would dictate someone's success, it would be mindset and inner alignment. This is NOT the fluff, this is THE SECRET SAUCE. With this bonus you get access to content that I have NEVER shared publicly before that will invite you to activate your power, use your mind to quantum leap, and build a business and life that honours your values, your capacity and your nervous system. I'm talking about money mindset, abundance mindset, growth mindset, imposter syndrome, and more!



The Podcast Pocketbook

Ready to finally launch your podcast? This checklist and guide will take you from day dreaming into the launch process of birthing your podcast. Worried about the tech? Don't be. Detailed step by step tech tutorials will have you covered as well as a launch plan for how to share your message with the world.


“Working with Robyn is nothing short of magical. Her knowledge of business, systems and strategy is like nothing I've ever come across, and she shares it with an open heart and passion. You will find it impossible to find anyone who does things the way Robyn does.


- Zoe, United Kingdom

Two monthly 90 minute group coaching calls with private access to me between calls, access to a private community group and live workshops 

high touch access for four months

Detailed copy reviews on your sales pages, website, emails, brand assets, and funnel outline. Your messaging will communicate your soul's work

Copy reviews

Comprehensive trainings (dozens of videos, templates, done-for-you and done-with-you support) in an online hub you have lifetime access to

resources for life

How it works

The sacred circle we create in Club Rise is always intimate with a maximum of 5-6 members. You will have the support of one another as well as my coaching throughout our time together. 

Intimate sized pods for group coaching and shared connection

the container






There are two monthly group coaching calls that last 90 minutes, at a day and time that works for the group. Once the group is created, you will each have the opportunity to vote on best time and days to account for different time zones and childcare etc. These will be recorded for anyone who can't join live. 

Two monthly group coaching calls for 90 mins each on Zoom

the coaching calls






This is your opportunity to dive deep into anything private or something you want support with between calls during integration periods. 

Private text and voice note support weekly between calls

Voxer  access






Some of the most popular workshops have been: how to grow your SEO using Pinterest; Embodied Leadership; Youtube crash course; TikTok challenge; Scheduling with your Cycle; and more! The group gets to vote on what feels most resonant during our time together.

Live workshops on topics of social media strategies, leadership, energetics

Live workshops






This online hub guides you through the RISE program, offers tech trainings and includes necessary resources as you build out your strategy, systems and integrate the soul. 

Lifetime access to an online library of resources

Online learning hub






an overview of your experience

Launching their group programs, monthly membership sites, online courses and private coaching packages 

Having the biggest months in their business 

Exponentially growing their social media following and email list by as much as 40% with ideal clients in >90 days 

Publishing their website, designing their funnel, copywriting their sales pages,  hosting their first webinar, and automating their processes

Huge shifts in mindset, building a business that feels ALIGNED and true to them and their lifestyle

Trusting that they're in alignment with what they're here to do in this world and living the life they know they're worthy of living

A sneak peek of some of the things Club Rise members have achieved:

let's chat - book your call

"[Club Rise] was amazing! Exactly what I needed, even though I didn't know what that was until I had it"

next review

"Club Rise is easily the best decision I made...ever!"

next review

“if you're looking for a coach who's the real deal, robyn is your gal!”

- jerico, australia






you get...

to recap...

A private community hub and office hours for 1:1 Voxer access to me between calls 

Live workshops that provide deep dive training into the strategy, systems and soul of building a business

Copy reviews of your marketing material, emails, sales pages and content 

Lifetime access to a massive online hub of resources - dozens of bite sized videos, worksheets, plug and play templates, cheat sheets and tech support

Twice monthly 90 minute small group coaching calls with me and other big hearted women for 16 weeks (4 months)

ready to rise?

Club Rise is not about generic business tips you can find for free online...

it's about completely modifying how you approach building your business from a place of embodied wisdom, joy, sustainability and preservation of what matters most outside of your business

Club Rise is designed to support you with practices, tools, templates and ways of being in business that will support you whether you're serving a handful of clients or hundreds of clients. It has been intentionally curated to be the gift that keeps on giving beyond your initial immersion in this work, because it completely reprograms how you see your business, your relationship with it, and your connection with your clients and community.

Ready for more play and less pressure?

Imagine where you could be, three, six, nine months from now....

your business is about to grow wings

"I am a bit of a coaching skeptic. I was always blown away by Robyn's knowledge base and impressive library of easy-to-follow resources.

So many out there promise to be the panacea to all your problems. But the reality is that many don't know much more than you, or even more sad, some of them don't really care. Neither of those things are a concern, at all, with Robyn. She helped me get my funnel from flatlining to proven concept! And she really, really cares deeply for the clients she works with." 

it's your turn!

Kristine went from funnel flatilining to proven concept, vancouver canada

"Robyn is an incredible soulful coach who you can 100% trust your business, heart and dreams.

Robyn is an incredible soulful coach who you can 100% trust with your business, heart and dreams. She is loving, caring and compassionate, will cheer you on all along the way and will help you create an aligned profitable and authentic business that you love, and that supports your big heart and love for making a difference in the world! I can’t recommend her highly enough and am so grateful for Robyn’s amazing coaching, business knowledge and experience! Robyn is an amazing business coach for soulful female entrepreneurs wanting to make a difference in the world!

lorien launched her group program, reached 10k followers on instagram and had her biggest month in biz,
byron bay australia

"The level of knowledge and experience in strategy and systems she brings is truly rare and special in a market full of cheerleaders, but light on experts."

When I began with Club Rise, I felt fatigued and overwhelmed. But with Robyn's warm but real-world guidance and genuine encouragement, I now have my momentum back, a suite of new offerings and ideas, and a clear path ahead. I feel more aligned, confident, and empowered to do things MY way. Thank you Robyn!

jerico is creating content and a new suite of offerings that excite her, with fun at the centre of it all - melbourne, australia / la, california


Although there is no copy and paste formula for building a successful business, there is a proven roadmap that will help you structure your business with alignment, strategize for profits, and market in a way that your people resonate with what you're putting out into the world. Let's cut to the chase and remove ALL the fluff and distractions, so that you commit to the non-negotiables that are proven to get you where you want to be while honouring your uniqueness and embodiment. 

I believe you are capable of building a business and life of your wildest dreams. Are you ready to drown out all the confusing noise and have someone help you lean into what *actually* works?

if you're ready to rise, welcome to the Club.

if you're a soulful service provider who wants to trust yourself while you build a profitable online business that is of deep service to your people and your family, this is for you. 

Stand out in any market and clearly communicate your unicorn value (no matter how saturated a market is)

Have a mapped out business model that feels aligned and can scale to six figures (and beyond)

Increase your visibility on social media and attract ideal clients who rave about you and your offer

Create a rinse and repeat launch strategy so that you know exactly how to launch your offer and reach your goals every quarter

Grow your email list, deepen your relationships, and build a rock solid community

Lead with confidence as the CEO leaning on mindset / embodiment tools  that supports your business expansion

By the end of Club rise, you will...

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“Club Rise was the injection I needed to take my online offering and business forward. If you're a sensitive, intuitive and spiritual person, [Robyn] will really understand you and show up for you in many ways other coaches won't be able to.”

- christine, canada

Robyn provided a wealth of resources to help me get clear on my goals, design an offering that will actually sustain me and even my mental health is thanking her. After the 3 months I have more faith in myself and my ability to support myself through my business and have a launch strategy that will keep me moving forward. I am so glad I put my trust in Robyn and want to continue to work with her! Her care for her clients is genuine and she is a light of inspiration!

“Every time we listened to you we had success. There is a formula that is important to understand, and you teach it well."

- Kristine, canada

I always felt really taken care of (and still feel, because her care doesn't stop when the container ends). She was truly with me through the ups and downs and having her in your corner is priceless!

I'm passionate about you creating economic mobility for yourself because of what CHOICES become available to you when you do. Six figures gets thrown around a lot these days, but when we get into what that *actually* means, it takes on a different meaning. For example, my business making six figures has helped my family travel the world, purchase a home and remodel it; it's meant my husband could take time off work and be present with our young daughter, it's financed our fertility journey and it's allowed us to support people we love and causes that matter to us.  

I have helped hundreds of business owners around the world, and ten years later, I'm still here pouring my heart and soul into early stage entrepreneurs because I get tingles every single time I see someone's dream come true and CHOICE become an option for them too. 

Learn more

A few years ago, I was working in the corporate world planning my escape. Now I am a multi-six figure online coach.

I am a Global Business Strategist that has helped entrepreneurs around the world build profitable businesses using my signature framework "The Profitable Way" which integrates strategy, systems and soul. In Club Rise I help early stage entrepreneurs like you get your business off the ground, without compromising on your values or struggling with the overwhelm of tech glitches and "spaghetti on the wall" strategies. We map out an embodied business blueprint and strategize to scale well beyond from where you are (working with a handful of people) into building the framework of a six figure business so that you can live your version of freedom with an epic and rich life.

i can help because i've been there + helped hundreds of other business leaders around the world

I am here to guide you to your version of a rich life

Club Rise is the only one of its kind because I spill ALL my beans...

it combines the effectiveness of personalized, private support with a trusted community 

One of the biggest ways that Club Rise is different, is that I don't give you HALF the answers. I spill ALL my beans and generously share secrets many other coaches and consultants keep in their back pocket for VIP clients. 

I also truly care SO much about you and your success. I roll up my sleeves and get in the trenches with you, prioritizing practical solutions that are step by step to reduce your overwhelm. I do NOT believe that strategies and systems are enough to get your business off the ground, which is why we personalize every strategy, system and structure to align with the soul stuff unique to you. 

This container includes a decade's worth of business wisdom and a trained coach who can hold all of you and your big dream

This container is not just content you can find in a textbook or on a youtube video - it’s not my free content and it’s not superficial. It has depth, carries the wisdom of almost a decade of real life experience, and is a container where ALL of you is welcome. I truly believe that supporting your inner world allows your outer to flourish. The soul stuff (mindset, embodiment) is SO important to your ultimate success! From this place of deep honouring of your embodied wisdom, we build a business that is intimately connect with your soul code. 

Lastly, I do not teach copy and paste strategies. There is NOT just one "right" way to build a business. I give you the goods but then work with you to figure out what will work best in your unique situation. I’m really proud of how tactile this program is - every module has multiple resources that are plug and play and will inspire you during our time and well beyond.

online learning hub with comprehensive trainings

high touch, intimate group calls and 1:1 support between calls

marketing, soul sessions and surprise workshops

a proven road map to build a business on a solid foundation

 She is a strategy and systems goddess with a unique balance of feminine and masculine that she weaves in and out of so naturally. I appreciated her well rounded guidance through both a consultant and coaching lens. But, what stands out to me most is her heart, relatability, and very generous ability to hold space and believe in me like nobody ever has. She got down to my level without judgement, held my hand and literally spelled it out for me. She's one switched on soul and I feel so fortunate to have experienced her in (one of) her elements.

ready to rise?

Jess Kirby, Integrative Health Practitioner, Squamish, Canada

"Above and beyond support to help me achieve my goals..."

Tia kelly, life coach, san diego USA

"Launched membership site, had a wildly popular challenge and created recurring income..."

Working with Robyn was exactly what I needed to elevate my business and mindset. Throughout our time together I was able to create a new reoccurring revenue stream and set up systems in my business for this to flow with ease. Robyn helped me stay focused on what I needed to do and when it needed to be done. Without this I would have procrastinated on launching. I now help more people in my business, am making more money, and I have more free time for more joy in life. So grateful for working with Robyn and I HIGHLY recommend her to all my friends in business.

Valerie lavigne, healthy habit mentor & membership, Toronto Canada

more reviews

"Robyn leads a conscious container with so much compassion, understanding, trust, knowledge and guidance...

I know Robyn to be a coach of the deepest integrity. She went above and beyond to support me to achieve my goals. She held an unshakable belief in my ability to succeed and helped me gain massive clarity and forward momentum in my business. Robyn has her finger on the pulse and manages to do online business coaching in a way that embodies feminine truth, ease and flow while leaning on a strong masculine framework, creating the magic that is so often missing in the online business coaching world. 

This program includes everything you need to build a profitable online biz.

I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this lately, but YOU MATTER. You deserve to be SEEN and HELD as you birth and expand your big dream. That can't easily happen in large containers which is why I keep our experience to an intimate group. 

If you're finally ready to build your business and create the epic life you're dreaming about, you're in the PERFECT place.

Building a profitable online business

Doing work that lights you up with people you LOVE

Experiencing your biggest breakthroughs in your business

Having a strategy in place to build a six figure business that can scale beyond that 

Experiencing the joy of sold out launches, fully booked group programs, and *pinch me* moments

Trusting that you're in alignment with what you're here to do in this world and living the life you know you're worthy of living

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

Book your call to chat now


If you're overwhelmed by all the options out there in the online space, or if you're cautious because you've been disappointed by other experiences I TOTALLY GET IT. That's why I am SO proud to say that every member of Club Rise has said that they would recommend it to their friends. 



This      for you if:

You finally want a solid strategy & structure for your online business

You're not ready to go all in & roll up your sleeves - there is no silver bullet here

you are a coach, service provider, course creator or digital product seller who has made some money in their business

you haven't worked with any clients and you're not sure you want to build this biz

you're ready to take your business seriously and align it with a six figure strategy

It's probably        for you if...

you love to work 24/7 and do not desire a streamlined, sustainable business model that gives you a rich life outside your biz



let's build your business.

you're about to get everything you need

When do we start & end and what times are calls?

Our early 2023 cohort begins the first week of March and runs until July 2023. Our call days and times will be decided by the group and replays will always be available in case for some reason you can't make one of the calls. We will have four months together in total, and 10 group coaching calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get as part of this experience?

You get two monthly small group coaching calls, access to me weekly between calls, live workshops, regular copy reviews to make sure your messaging and funnel is hitting the mark, surprise bonuses, as well as comprehensive trainings in our online membership portal (which you have lifetime access to!). Done for you templates, done with you tech trainings, community and intimate support from me all wrapped up in one beautiful cocoon. 

How does this differ from 1:1 coaching or a traditional Mastermind experience?

Club Rise is structured to be an immersive group coaching experience. It's tiny and intimate so that you feel supported by a close community of kindred visionaries while also having intimate access to me, your coach. Personalization is ESSENTIAL and so this container has been designed to ensure that nobody gets lost in the noise and everybody feels seen, heard and supported. You will get 1:1 coaching with me on every group call and 1:1 Voxer support with me privately every week. Past members have loved learning from the groups questions while also having their hot seat moment. 

Does it matter where I am in my business journey?

If you identify as an early stage entrepreneur who has experience working with a few clients, making some money, and you want to scale to six figures in the next 1-3 years, this is the immersive experience for you. It's the program I wish I'd had when I first started my business and truthfully can't think of a better investment that will continue to pay you in ROI for YEARS beyond our time together. 

I'm in! What are my next steps?

YAY I am so excited that you are feeling the nudge to join Club Rise! Step 1: If you want to chat with me to see if it's the right fit, please book your call. Otherwise, you can directly purchase from this page by selecting either "Pay in Full" or "Payment Plan". 2: After confirming your payment, you will receive an email with the login details and introductory package outlining everything you need to know as we prepare to start our session together. Don't worry from this moment forward you're in great hands. Get excited, because the best is yet to come. 

Do you offer refunds or a guarantee?

In short, no. I've never been asked for one before so I'm confident that if you're the right fit for this program you will be really happy with your experience. I trust that I will show up wholeheartedly for you, that I will deliver high quality, relevant and timeless wisdom you can integrate in your business to see positive results. What I can't do, however, is the work for you. You have to show up, commit to the process and do the work yourself. Because of this we can't make any promises, financial or otherwise.

Do you offer flexible payments or scholarships?

Yes! If for some reason the regular payment plan does not work for you, let's chat to create a flexible plan that will work for you. Accessibility is *incredibly* important to me because there are layers of privilege at play in the systems we operate in and I am devoted to ensuring access wherever possible. Email for a confidential request to set up flexible payments (it's just between you and I!) or you can apply for a scholarship here. 


we align your business with your values


we personalize a strategy to attract ideal clients


we automate your funnel so that your business can grow on autopilot


we cultivate a ceo mindset and set you up for success in the long game

let's chat here

 Sleazy sales suck as much as manipulative marketing tactics. We don't do that around here. If any part of you feels the inner tug to explore more, please apply and hop on a call with me so that we can determine exactly what you're looking for and if Club Rise will support you with that. I can't wait to meet you!

but first

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