I know that the online business world is a Tsunami of marketing wizards vying for your attention. I also know that once your trust has been destroyed, it's hard to trust again. So, if there's anything I can share with you right now... it's that you are safe here.

I have had the privilege of working with the most INCREDIBLE humans from all around the world. Many of these clients have become dear friends and business owners whose offers I frequently share with others in my orbit because they are so brilliant. I'm beyond grateful for their kind words and reflections about their experience working with me which you will find listed under each service, but here are some of the wins we regularly celebrate around here!

real results

"Robyn looks at your life and who you are, and helps you weave together a profitable business that truly feels like an extension of yourself..

She is not just a business coach, she is a mentor and life coach who will help you change the way you see yourself, and what you are capable of. I could not be happier to have decided to take the plunge and work together. You're a gift, Robyn!!

- Claire, Child Behaviour Specialist + Educator

"I am a bit of a coaching skeptic. I was always blown away by Robyn's knowledge base and impressive library of easy-to-follow resources.

So many out there promise to be the panacea to all your problems. But the reality is that many don't know much more than you, or even more sad, some of them don't really care. Neither of those things are a concern, at all, with Robyn. She helped me get my funnel from flatlining to proven concept! And she really, really cares deeply for the clients she works with." 

it's your turn!

Kristine went from funnel flatilining to proven concept

"Robyn is an incredible soulful coach who you can 100% trust your business, heart and dreams.

Robyn is an incredible soulful coach who you can 100% trust with your business, heart and dreams. She is loving, caring and compassionate, will cheer you on all along the way and will help you create an aligned profitable and authentic business that you love, and that supports your big heart and love for making a difference in the world! I can’t recommend her highly enough and am so grateful for Robyn’s amazing coaching, business knowledge and experience! Robyn is an amazing business coach for soulful female entrepreneurs wanting to make a difference in the world!

lorien launched her group program, reached 10k followers on instagram and had her biggest month in biz

"The level of knowledge and experience in strategy and systems she brings is truly rare and special in a market full of cheerleaders, but light on experts."

When I began with Club Rise, I felt fatigued and overwhelmed. But with Robyn's warm but real-world guidance and genuine encouragement, I now have my momentum back, a suite of new offerings and ideas, and a clear path ahead. I feel more aligned, confident, and empowered to do things MY way. Thank you Robyn!

jerico is creating content and a new suite of offerings that excite her, with fun at the centre of it all


“Working with Robyn is nothing short of magical. Her knowledge of business, systems and strategy is like nothing I've ever come across, and she shares it with an open heart and passion. You will find it impossible to find anyone who does things the way Robyn does.


- Zoe, U.K.

real results

“I have had the highest months in my business and it keeps on growing.”

Although I already started my own business, I was able to implement many new strategies and resources to my online dance business to have the highest month in my business ever and it keeps growing. I love the clarity and support I receive from Robyn and the deep level of care I feel when working with her.

She is undoubtedly very knowledgable, encouraging, and always authentically shares such amazing words of insight! The content is so beautifully designed and I would highly recommend her to any woman looking to start her biz in a safe and supportive space.

I love you Robyn and thank you for all you do!!!

- Venus, California

“Club Rise was the injection I needed to take my online offering and business forward. If you're a sensitive, intuitive and spiritual person, [Robyn] will really understand you and show up for you in many ways other coaches won't be able to.”

- christine, canada

Robyn provided a wealth of resources to help me get clear on my goals, design an offering that will actually sustain me and even my mental health is thanking her. After the 3 months I have more faith in myself and my ability to support myself through my business and have a launch strategy that will keep me moving forward. I am so glad I put my trust in Robyn and want to continue to work with her! Her care for her clients is genuine and she is a light of inspiration!

“Every time we listened to you we had success. There is a formula that is important to understand, and you teach it well."

- Kristine, canada

I always felt really taken care of (and still feel, because her care doesn't stop when the container ends). She was truly with me through the ups and downs and having her in your corner is priceless!


real results

Loretta expanded her business and
exceeded her goals

“Not only did working with her help me to exceed my goals, it helped me to structure things in a way that made it authentic to me.”

I’ve known Robyn for many years and have worked with her, both locally and internationally, on more occasions than I can count. Last year, when I relaunched my business and decided to make it my full time practice, I immediately reached out to her. Her infectious energy, pure heart, depth of awareness and knowledge in business/ Initiative development were the things I needed to inject into the next chapter and that it did. If you’re on a journey of creating or restructuring your business from a very heart centred, people driven lens, I couldn’t recommend anyone more!

- Loretta, Breathwork Facilitator

jess had two sold out launches! 

“Robyn is my Earth angel! I wouldn't be here without this woman.”

I reached my target before I even officially launched in a financial  sense. She has activated my sacred CEO and taken me to my next level. When I went to her I had a vision of what I wanted to achieve and she said "think bigger".  She has been a fucking game and life changer. 

- Jess, Australia

delofante stepped into her greatness

"This woman is one of a kind…you will never meet anyone like her!"

- Delofante, Consultant

Robyn’s intuitive business sense, her drive, and creative talent make her a viable force in the business community. She has a way of connecting with you on a deeper level and can easily identify what it is you are looking for, and exceeds on delivering your ask every single time. Her energy is a uniquely beautiful mix of intelligence, empathy, wisdom, power and grace - a winning combination of traits any successful entrepreneur must have access to. Her work simply speaks for itself.

"[Club Rise] was amazing! Exactly what I needed, even though I didn't know what that was until I had it"

real results

“ I have worked with a few coaches and I have never felt so loved on and cared for as I do with Robyn.”

You know when you can tell a coach is just there for the money and you get that really gross feeling inside??? Working with Robyn is the complete OPPOSITE experience. I have worked with a few coaches and I have never felt so loved on and cared for as I do with Robyn. She is the most genuine person, not just caring about your business goals and dreams, but about YOU!! She is a magician when it comes to putting down on paper what is in your mind, she can vocalize my thoughts better than I can. I have gained so much insight and confidence with my business thanks to her. Her program is full of amazing content, she is quick to reply to any questions and has been the best cheerleader in my corner. 
 If you are thinking about working with her, do yourself a favour and stop thinking and commit!!!

- Megan, Qatar


She is not just a business coach. She is a mentor and life coach who will help you

change the way you see yourself and what you are capable of.

- claire, seattle

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