The Energetics of Wealth

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I'm a business and certified life coach who helps women start and scale their profitable online businesses. I share educational resources around marketing, mindset, social media, business strategy and the soul stuff. To find out more, view my About page

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Hi, I'm robyn

Is your relationship with money keeping you broke? In this week’s video, I’m gonna talk about my relationship with money, how it shifted and how you can shift your relationship with money too, to create the wealth that you’re calling in. I do want to preface this by saying that I am fully aware that this is a conversation that is really, really, really really layered, and of course there are systemic issues, plaguing so many people around the world, and perhaps you’re identifying with that. I don’t want anything in this video to minimize your experience, and the very real barriers that may be part of your current reality, or your lived experience to date, but I also do want to give you an alternative belief system an option to help you elevate your financial mobility, in life no matter where you are.

My Money Background

I love talking about money, and the reason that it’s something that is infused in my work and always has been, it’s because I didn’t grow up with any. I had two beautifully hardworking parents, but we were an immigrant family, we left South Africa and moved to Canada, and it was hard. My relationship with money has evolved from when I was young – working quite a lot in high school, and then two to three jobs in university just to pay for the bills and get myself through university – to now being a business owner and multi six figure coach. If you want a really deep dive into my personal story, and how I shifted my money mindset to travel the world and buy my dream home, tune in right here to this podcast episode on The Profitable Way.

Let’s Normalize Money Being Good (… and Money Being in the Hands of GOOD People)

The first thing I learned about my relationship to money was that it’s really, really, really really important to normalize money being good, and to normalize having a lot of money. Now there’s kind of two parts to that, right? So the first part is that we have to normalize money being good. And I came from this generation with the story of money being the root of all evil. Read: People with money are bad; People who have money screwed over other people to get their money. Here’s the thing: if you’re a good person, you’re going to do good things in the world with your money. I now have this really really rock solid belief that when kind people make money, it makes the world a kinder place.Money itself is just energy is not inherently bad, it just makes you more of who you are, and it’s really good to have more wealth in the hands of good people.

The second part of this is normalizing having a lot of money (especially for those of us who did not grow up with lots of money). This can be really difficult and is often reflected in income caps (hitting that income ceiling in your business and not being able to crack it no matter what…I know, you know…). It’s also reflected in the fluctuating patterns of revenue and debt that seem to have a comfortable level in your life. Amanda Frances talks about this beautifully in her book “Rich as F*ck”.

Watch the full video here to better understand how money energetics can help you make more money and KEEP more of it too!

P.S. The best is yet to come xo

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