Stepping into Feminine Leadership

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I'm a business and certified life coach who helps women start and scale their profitable online businesses. I share educational resources around marketing, mindset, social media, business strategy and the soul stuff. To find out more, view my About page

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Hi, I'm robyn

Feminine leadership is at the heart of my business. It’s at the heart of my own life. And it’s at the heart of the work I do with my clients. But what exactly is feminine leadership? How do we cultivate our inner authority? What does it look like to lead our businesses and homes within this paradigm, where are the intersections and how do we honour our whole selves within this? This deep dive conversation gets to the heart of what it is to consciously lead ourselves, our families and our businesses. If you’re feeling frustrated with the hustle culture, toxic marketing, feelings of inadequacy and the struggle of “doing it all” on the path to “having it all” this episode is for you.

Feminine Leadership and Honouring our Feminine Nature as Coaches, Moms, and Humans with Topics of:

  • What is feminine leadership and how do we step into it
  • The energetics and embodiment of this expression
  • How to work with our feminine nature as women
  • How our body’s wisdom and our relationship to it, shapes our outcomes – personally and professionally
  • What our own struggles have been in this experience of leadership
  • Why entrepreneurship has opened up this embodiment for both of us in really beautiful and powerful ways

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Overheard in this episode:

“When we talk about the mind and body connection we essentially have three brains – our head, heart and gut and they all have neurons that are creating connections throughout our body. It’s all about the thought – feeling loop. And in order to break out of this cycle it’s really about believing that this is possible and then behaving as if this is possible”

Tune into this episode via The Profitable Way podcast:

About my guest Amanda Hunter

Amanda is an embodied feminine leadership coach who ditched the 9-5 to follow her soul’s purpose where she gets to infuse pleasure and play with being of-service.

Blending woo with science, Amanda supports soulful entrepreneurs in cultivating their inner authority to become the leader of themselves first, and see their businesses expand as a result. She thrives on seeing women stepping into their power, playing bigger and taking up more space as they come to reside their true essence.

You can connect with Amanda here.  

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