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I'm a business and certified life coach who helps women start and scale their profitable online businesses. I share educational resources around marketing, mindset, social media, business strategy and the soul stuff. To find out more, view my About page

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Hi, I'm robyn

I remember the first time it sank into my soul. The truth that I would never be able to create the life I desired by continuing to climb the corporate ladder. I was stuck at a red traffic light, on the corner of one of Canada’s busiest streets – the heart of the commercial, capitalist business sector for the entire country – holding the hand of my eighteen month old daughter. The sun was rising as I walked her to daycare en route to my day job, dreading the hours that would pass before I would be able to pick her up again after sunset. There’s a strong inner rebelion within me and she roared that day: what if you do not have to choose meaningful work or identity outside of motherhood and precious time with your child?

The seed was sown. 

That was the precise moment that the vision for my life expanded. The seed was planted in the fertile soil of a mama’s heart who desired more choices for herself and her daughter in a world that perpetually tells us that there’s only ONE way of being. I saw a future where I worked with women in a meaningful way, where I had freedom and flexibility in my days, and where I could be the mother to my daughter that I deeply desired to be: present, at home, fun, nourished, fulfilled and liberated. 

I had a clear dream but as we both know, we also have to show up for the dream. And that’s exactly what I devoted myself to doing. I buried myself in books, podcasts, courses and imbibed anything that elevated my state of consciousness or expanded my world view. 

For years, I had spent my entire career working in business strategy, but after completing my Masters Degree with a specialization in economic mobility for women, I knew there was an opportunity to make the world a kinder place by getting more money into the hands of women. The problem was that my values were not reflected in the corporate world around me: capitalism, consumption, productivity over people and profits at all costs was rampant and it felt ick. I imagined business as a love letter to the world: one where profits propelled people and the planet further, where integrity and truth lit the path, and nourishment was available for all. I knew that I could bring a business with this value to life and help other women liberate themselves in the pursuit of meaningful businesses too, and so I decided to blaze a new trail.

It took me about a year from that red light moment to launch my coaching business, but within six months it had already replaced my corporate income. Beyond the financial abundance, my family was living in Greece, and then Italy, with my husband taking a two year absence from work to be at home with our three year old daughter while I built my business. It felt surreal – that I was changing people’s lives while the business I was growing nourished my family in wholesome and life changing ways. And yet in the surrealness, there was also a sense of familiarity: this was always going to be my path, in many ways it had chosen me. 

I was offering women (almost) a decade’s worth of experience in business strategy and systems, but integrating it with what I knew to be fundamental for success: the soul piece. That is, the embodiment, the inner harmony of masculine and feminine polarity, the raw essence of Self and the relationship all of these elements bring to a business strategy and system. Embodied business strategy is about cultivating a deep awareness and trust with yourself, so that you’re not giving your power away to your “business coach” but that you’re fostering the internal leadership required to be a thought leader and advocate for the work you’re called towards. It’s a permission slip to build the business you desire for yourself, on your own terms. And an initiation into business that honors both your feminine and masculine energies. 

The truth is, this business and my signature framework of “business strategy, systems and soul” has forever changed my life and it holds a sacred message for you too: your entire life can change during one red traffic light. The vision you have for yourself is there for a reason and you have the power to make tangible an intangible dream, but it starts with a choice. A decision to see more possibilities for your life and the courage to pursue your hearts deep knowing. 

It may be true that you’ve already invested so much in your current career, that time is limited with small children, that bills need to be paid and business growth takes time, that you don’t feel “qualified” and for many women, we are accustomed to putting ourselves and our own nourishment behind the needs of our family’s. Our brains are brilliant at coming up with all the reasons why it WON’T work. Yet, I have seen women of all ages, from all walks of life, and in a diverse range of personal seasons, bring their dream to life through the vehicle of their online business. 

Let me be clear: there’s no silver bullet, and it’s not always the easiest path, but I ask you to consider where you are already doing hard things in your life? Because for me, spending over fifty hours a week in a corporate job I detested away from my child was hard. Navigating toxic work dynamics and systemic barriers was hard. Getting limited vacation time (most of which went to sick days for my child) was hard. Commuting over an hour each way in ludicrous traffic was hard. Forsaking my health and mental wellbeing for the hustle was hard. And although there are still hard elements to running and growing my coaching business, they’re “hard” things I happily choose, over and over again. 

There’s always going to be trade offs, we can’t escape those. Learning social media may feel hard, and figuring out how to sell without sounding sleazy may feel hard, and investing in yourself and your skillset as you pursue your dream may feel hard. But there has NEVER been a better time to build a business thanks to free online platforms that give you access to millions of humans who are waiting for the exact medicine you have to offer. Supporting women to empower themselves through economic mobility and online businesses lights me up because it empowers women to share their voice and it offers them a life of choice. 

I have devoted myself to my work because above all else, what I offer women are options. If social media provides a platform for your voice, my business strategy provides you with a choice. In fact, many choices. Because there’s not just one way to build a profitable business and there’s not just one way to create an epic and rich life. YOU get to choose what either of those look like for you and in doing so break free from systemic inequalities that perpetuate the myth that you can’t have “both”, whatever “both” looks and feels like to you. 

If you’re feeling called to pursue your dream and build an online business as a soulful entrepreneur, I would be honored to support you. Through an embodied lens we can create a personalized strategy and build out the systems you need to build your profitable business and rich life. 

You can learn more about my offerings by browsing this page here.

Thank you for being here and for the bravery to dream a bigger dream for your life.

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